UMO Research App Privacy Policy

The developers of the UMO Research App declare that

1) during the experiment, data collected through the UMO Research App will be securely stored at a server in the TUDelft data center. Data can only be accessed by a selected group of people that are assigned to the data collection experiment;

2) all communication between the app and the server is secured with SSL;

3) collected data will never be shared with other users of the app;

4) data will never be linked to the details of a person that can identify the person. Identifiers of their devices, like MAC-addresses, will also not be communicated to the server;

5) in a later stage, the data will potentially be shared via the UMO repository with other researchers. Access to this repository is fully controlled by the team that is responsible for this UMO Research App. The UMO repository is an NWO large facility to store, archive and make available research data, grant number 175.2017.017;

6) locational and survey data will be collected only for the sake of researching general behaviour of the population, not to study the behaviour of individuals. This holds as well for future researchers that will use the data through the UMO repository;