A total of 6 supervisors are involved in the ALLEGRO project.


Alessandro BozzonAlessandro Bozzon

E-mail Alessandro
Supervisor of: Vincent Gong

Assistant Professor with the Web Information Systems group, Department of Software Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology. He is faculty fellow with the IBM Benelux Center of Advanced Studies, and with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.

Alessandro’s research lies at the intersection of crowdsourcing, user modeling, and web information retrieval. He studies and builds novel Social Data science methods and tools. His goal is to help improving well-being and fostering inclusion by means of Web-based, personalized social computing systems that combine the cognitive and reasoning abilities of individuals and crowds, with the computational powers of machines, and the value of big amounts of heterogeneous data.

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Oded CatsOded Cats

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Supervisor of: Lara-Britt Zomer and Danique Ton

Assistant Professor at the Transport and Planning (T&P) department, Delft University of Technology. His research revolves around the dynamics of multimodal urban transport networks and the impacts of reliability, congestion and information on travellers’ decisions. His research often integrates travel behaviour, traffic simulation modelling and operations research. In addition to his involvement in ALLEGRO, he leads several national and international projects in the department, including TRANS-FORM (Smart transfers through unravelling urban form and travel flow dynamics) and SCRIPTS (Smart cities’ responsive intelligent public transport systems). His research activities often support transport agencies and operators’ decision making.

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Winnie DaamenWinnie Daamen

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Supervisor of: Alexandra Gavriilidou, Vincent Gong, Tim van Oijen, Giulia Reggiani, Florian Schneider, Alphonse Vial

Dr. Winnie Daamen is an associate professor in the chair of Traffic Operations and Management of the Department of Transport & Planning. The focus of her work is on active modes, that is, pedestrian and cycling traffic. Currently, she is working on active modes in the Allegro project.


Foto Dorine DuivesDorine Duives

E-mail Dorine
Supervisor of: Lara-Britt Zomer, Danique Ton, Yan Feng and Martijn Sparnaaij

Assistant Professor at the Transport and Planning (T&P) department, Delft University of Technology.  This project deals with the provision of tools to support traffic management officials during the analysis and prediction of active mode traffic. The objective of the project is to develop a dashboard that can be used in the online and offline analysis of empirical data regarding active model traffic flows within urban environments. In order to do so, we will develop data collection and filtering techniques that create online insights into the state of active mode traffic. Additionally, we will study the fusion of empirical data sources in order to develop analysis methods in which 1+1 becomes more than 2. And last of all, we will develop an online management dashboard.

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Victor KnoopVictor Knoop

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Supervisor of: Marie-Jette Wierbos

Associate Professor at the Transport and Planning (T&P) department, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology. His expertise focusses on traffic dynamics. In the ALLEGRO project, he supervises the PhD project on macroscopic modelling of active mode traffic. This means that individual actions are not considered, but average interactions are considered, and the traffic patterns follow from flows and densities. This project will study these patterns, and capture them in models, which in the end can be used to evaluate designs of networks for active modes.

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Foto Yufei YuanYufei Yuan

E-mail Yufei
Supervisor of: Alexandra Gavriilidou

Researcher at the Transport and Planning (T&P) department, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology. Multi-scale multi-agent simulation-platform development (Theme II, L4) (Joint project with Bernat).
This project aims at developing a multi-scale multi-agent simulation platform for active mode traffic. The main purpose of this platform is to test, integrate and apply the various mathematical models developed in projects T1 to T3 and, if necessary, to further develop theories and models to predict bicycle and pedestrian traffic flows. The platform will have a systematic and consistent architecture to couple models describing pedestrian and bicycle flows at different levels of detail.

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