About Allegro

Allegro is a European Horizon 2020 research project about slow traffic modes, granted to Delft University of Technology. The title of the Allegro projects describes well its purpose:

Allegro: Unravelling slow mode traveling and traffic: with innovative data to a new transportation and traffic theory for pedestrians and bicycles

zz-DSC_9717-voetgangers-koopgootPut in other words, the researchers of Allegro are trying to develop and empirically underpin comprehensive behavioural theories, conceptual models and mathematical models to explain and predict the dynamics of pedestrians, cyclists and mixed flows within an urban context. All relevant behavioural levels will be investigated, including acquiring spatial knowledge, activity scheduling, route choice and operations. Special attention will be given to the role of ICT on learning, and choice behaviour.

For more details on the Allegro-project, its research objective and expected scientific contributions, see the various pages in this About Allegro-section.