Test data collection app info


Thanks for joining. Your personal data will not be shared in a personal way. Only aggregate results will be derived from it.

How to join:
1) Download the TU-AM Trackme (Unreleased) app from the google playstore:

!!!Please notice that the app asks for permissions to access your local media. Unfortunately, this permission is needed to be able to temporarily store some recorded data on your phone. Obviously, the app is not doing anything with your media files!!!

2) When opening, the app asks for an experiment code. Please enter the code mt1.

3) Then you see a survey “Your info” in the todo-list. Please fill in this very short survey.

4) Tomorrow morning, before you start your trip to work, please turn on the gps switch, which you can find in the DATA tab in the app. After you arrived, please turn off the switch again or just leave it open. It will automatically stop around 11AM. A reminder for this will be sent around 6AM in the morning. By accepting this notification, the data collection starts automatically.

Thanks in advance!