Meet Active Mode Lab and UMO Lab at TU Delft Campus

Author: Tim van Oijen

On September 20, some of the research performed as a joint effort of the Active Mode Lab and the UMO Lab was demonstrated during the TU Delft Campus kick-off event. The TU Delft Campus aims to bridge scientists, students, start-ups, companies and knowledge institutions, to facilitate the collaboration between academia and practitioners in an earlier stage.

One of the projects that were showcased at the event was the UMO (Urban Mobility Observatory) project, funded by the NWO large programme. During this project, an integrated platform will be developed, that will collect, combine and archive a multitude of mobility-related data sources (e.g., sensor data, camera data, surveys and mobile phone data). One of the strengths of the UMO platform is that it will allow researchers to combine different data sources to get a better understanding of mobility-related choices that people make.

During the TU Delft Campus kick-off event, we showed a sneak preview of the UMO platform features. A dashboard was configured that combined visualizations of GPS data and survey responses that were collected through a mobile phone application that was installed by a group of visitors of the event. Besides that, social media analyses were performed in real-time, resulting in a live word-cloud and a sentiment chart of all Twitter tweets related to the TU Delft Campus kick-off event. Finally, the dashboard showed a live video stream from the Leeghwaterstraat (Fietsstraat on the TU Delft campus). The social media analyses, the mobile phone application and the dashboard have all been developed in the last few years, mainly as part of the ALLEGRO project, and will be officially integrated with the UMO platform.