Successful pilot test at Kingsday of the Active mode Monitoring System

During Kingsday (the 27th of April) we performed a second pilot test in Amsterdam regarding the crowd monitoring dashboard that is being developed by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology. This dashboard is developed within the research project ALLEGRO: an ERC project lead by Serge Hoogendoorn on ‘unrAveLLing active modE travellinG and tRaffic’.

During the day, the live dashboard displayed the in- and outflow and the route split information of pedestrian flows near Amsterdam Central Station and station Amsterdam Zuid-WTC. The input for the dashboard was formed by several data feeds 11 counting cameras and 22 WiFi sensors being combined to create the output of the dashboard. Besides that, an analysis performed on social media streams (e.g Instagram and Twitter) which enabled the identification of relevant events (e.g. parties) taking place during the day; the combination of social data and data about pedestrian flows and routes allows a rich characterisation of activities in the city.

Overall the pilot has been a great success! During the day, the dashboard has been available in the control room, and its outputs have been available for municipality, police and public transport operators. Phenomena shown on the dashboard have been confirmed by crowd managers on the spot. For now we are studying the results of the day, and continue to work towards adding and fusing these and other data sources in order to create rich insights into the development of the flow of active modes through urban environments.


April 14: Innovation Expo with the AMS Institute

Together with the AMS Institue (Advanced Metropolitan Solutions), who is co-funding the ALLEGRO project, the ALLEGRO team will represent the slow mode research area at a stand at the Innovation Expo in Amsterdam. During this Expo, the ALLEGRO team and the AMS Institute will demonstrate their methodologies to collect data and monitor crowds, related to the real-time crowd monitoring during the SAIL event in Amsterdam in the summer of 2015.

Measurements on cyclists will start soon

The Allegro team will start soon doing experiments with cyclists. Using camera’s, cyclist behavior under urban conditions will be analysed. This research is associated with the project theme that deals with development of the Slow Mode Urban Mobility Laboratory (SL-UML). The exact date is now known yet. The team hopes to get useful cyclist trajectory data to be analysed and used within the theoretical parts of the research.